Animal ID ShowTrak

Animal identification program for livestock shows

Animal ID’s ShowTRAK™ system provides DNA based animal identification solutions for livestock shows in order to ensure the highest degree of show ring integrity available.

Animal ID IDTrak

Livestock genetic profile and historic records

Animal ID’s IDTRAK™ system provides a DNA banking service designed to allow owners to preserve the specific genetic identity of their livestock.

“Livestock shows using the ShowTRAK system can be confident that they have the highest degree of show ring integrity available. DNA is the best and most cost-effective technology for identification verification.”

While tags, nose prints, ear notches and tattoos provide good identity information, DNA testing raises the bar to another level of certainty. In many cases Animal ID has tested non-conforming prints and notches at the show only to determine that the animal matched its registration sample. Therefore, ShowTRAK™ also ensures that legitimate exhibitors remain in the contest.

Animal DNA