Animal ID ShowTRAK™

ShowTRAK™ is a DNA based animal identification program designed for livestock shows. Every animal has a unique DNA profile or fingerprint that never changes throughout its life. ShowTRAK™ uses this unique DNA fingerprint to accurately verify the identification of the animals within your livestock show.


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ShowTRAK™ System

ShowTRAK™ is a DNA-based animal identification program custom-designed for your livestock show. The ShowTRAK™ system is a DNA testing solution to help livestock shows track animals identity, deter fraud and mitigate risk. ShowTRAK easily fits into your show’s programs and procedures so that it seamlessly improves the quality of the show. ShowTRAK uses an animal’s unique DNA profile that never changes throughout its life.

The initial animal’s DNA is collected by either hair or tissue samples when they are registered. Then selected samples are collected at the show and compared to the registration sample, allowing ShowTRAK to accurately verify the identification of the animal.

How ShowTRAK works

The ShowTRAK system is very easy to use and set up within your livestock show. Once you contract with Animal ID, we will design a ShowTRAK system that is customized to meet your needs.

Benefits for the show include

  • Highly accurate: 99.99%
  • Easy to use
  • Very reliable
  • Cost effective

Animal ID provides:

  • Sample collection supplies and instructions
  • Secure storage of samples
  • Test results within a few weeks

Livestock Show provides

  • Registration hair or tissue samples from steer, heifer, swine, lamb, goat and horse entrants
  • Show samples for DNA comparison

Why DNA?

Since the DNA an animal is born with never changes, DNA is the ultimate resource for identification. Livestock shows using the ShowTRAK system can be confident that they have the highest degree of show ring integrity available. DNA is the best and most cost-effective technology for identity verification available today.

While ear tags, nose prints, ear notches and/or tattoos provide good identity information, DNA testing raises the bar to another level of certainty. In many cases Animal ID has tested non-conforming prints and notches at the show only to determine that the animal matched its registration sample. Therefore, ShowTRAK also ensures that legitimate exhibitors remain in the contest.

Manage Risk

The ShowTRAK system was designed to ensure physical integrity and “chain of custody” of each DNA sample. The ShowTrak system provides your show with the highest possible confidence in making key decisions and managing the related risks. Whether the show is awarding prize checks or disqualifying exhibitors – the decision must be based on the best information possible.

The ShowTRAK System is:

  • PROVEN: Over 1 million samples have been collected and stored.
  • INDEPENDENT & SECURE: Samples stored in secure climate-controlled facility.
  • EASY IMPLEMENTATION: Existing validation systems can generally be used, and training costs are minimal. ShowTRAK™™ uses a simple sample collection method.
  • ACCURATE: We use state-of-the-art DNA analysis laboratories for sample processing.
  • RAPID: Timely reporting of results.